Apparently, I have just been born. That would explain the whole trauma that I just went through. Since I'm stuck here for the foreseeable future, I will try to enlighten you on all my discoveries of this strange world as seek to learn the meaning of life or at least how to live it. Peace. L

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well - so I need an update after 2 years. Things happen when you're a kid - you get busy.

So it's been about 2 years since I updated. Sue me. I lost a year when my baby sister was born and had to spend 71 days in the Neonatal intensive care unit. Anyway - I guess I'll have to share this blog with her now. She was really "little bitty" - she was a 28 weeker weighing in at 1 pound 8 ounces and a whopping 12 1/2 inches long. Of course, now she is a massive 16 pounds and 27 inches long and completely healthy (and people say that God doesn't perform miracles anymore).
Anyhoo - I will be trying to post once in a while now. Maybe even more often than once a year or so. It depends on how much free time I have between pre-school and playing dress up. I'm a busy big sister. Later alligator

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Quick update to try and catch you up

Ok, so it has been 8 months since I made a post. Sue me. I have been a little busy learning all the things a little girl should be doing, and all the things a little girl should not be doing too. For instance, a little girl should be cute. . . . lesson learned. A little girl should be happy and friendly and full of confidence and smiles. . . . check and double check. A little girl should not, however, climb on top of the kitchen table and jump up and down like a bouncing centerpiece. . . . also, lesson learned. Apparently, a little girl shouldn't pull up off her diaper and start shouting "hooha, see it, hooha, mine" while holding up her skirt. . . . still learning that one.

Anyway, here are a few pictures to help you catch up. It saves me some typing since each one is 1000 words. This first on is me climbing into a clothes basket that is currently serving as my toy box. It's much less likely to crush a finger.

I now have a lot more hair, but this is just after I really got enough hair to hold a bow good. Those things work wonders at keeping your hair out of your face. . . . unless you pull it out and hold it out for everyone to see and say, "Bow, Lola's Bow, sooo pretty" in the sweetest little toddler voice. See, there's that cute thing again.

Here is my Halloween costume from this past October. I am a die-hard Alabama football fan. The Granny keeps trying to get me to swap allegiences, but I only pretend to appease her. Roll Tide!!!!

Here I am camping out and riding in the wagon with Buddy. He's Granny and Papa's dog and we have a love - hate relationship. He hates it when I stay for very long because he becomes 2nd place to me in their eyes. If I'm not around, he gets all the love and attention. When I'm there he ceases to exist. He loves it when I leave, he becomes top dog again. Pun intended.

Ok, Mommy is going to kill me, but this is another one of those little girls should/shouldn't moments that I haven't quite figured out yet. Everyone has always said I was such a "Little Princess". Well, now I have proof!!!! My Mommy had her high School reunion and was named Reunion Queen. That makes me a Princess! SO, I will expect fealty and servitude from now on.

What was that? (Mommy's voice speaking . . . waw, wah wawaw, wah waw) You mean there is a power higher than Princess? Two Powers? That ain't right! What could be better than a Princess? Who? The Queen. . . . the King too! Man, so that means they can tell me what to do. What about everyone else? They Have to do my bidding, right? Only if they want to, and if I say please?!? What kind of raw deal is this? Are there any benefits to being a Princess?

Oh, I get it now. That means I get to have the Prince one day. Not so much a bonus right now. I'm not even 2 yet. Quit trying to marry me off. What else do you have? The King is easy to wrap around my finger, ok, that sounds pretty good. The Queen will teach me all the things to do and play with me all day? That sounds good too. Everyone else will look at me and smile and indulge me if I act like a Princess. Meh, that one is a little iffy. That acting like a Princess thing is a little . . . . what? They'll forgive my little indescretions as long as I don't make a habit of it. . . . that could come in handy. Ok, I'll do it. I accept your nomination as Princess. . . . what? Princesses don't get nominated? Well, how. . . . oh. Ok. I still have so much to learn.

My brain hurts at the moment, so I'm gonna go outside and play in the dirt. . . .what?. . . . Well forget it then! I'll become a Princess tomorrow.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy birthday to me!!!! 1 year and 8 days old. . . . today.

So my birthday post is a little late. Sue me. I have been extraordinarily busy playing with my new toys to worry about updating. But I have taken a moment out of my busy schedule of chewing on things, banging things together, riding my Dora the Explorer car, and generally being a tiny tornado of destruction. Speaking of which, I have a new nickname. You guessed it. . . .tiny tornado. Or as my Nanny and Pops say "little tornado". More on the destruction later, now is the time for pictures of the festivities.

Here I am with my cakes. Yes, I had two cakes. One was for pistures and everyone else to eat and the other was for me to slobber all over and make a huge mess with. Face it, no one wants a piece of cake with baby slobber all over it. I am in my fancy dancy Ralph Lauren dress. Hey, every girl has to splurge a bit and have on really great dress a year. This one was mine. . . . along with my Easter and Dedication Dresses that is. My cake is the one with the #1 candle on it. Everyone else got Tinker Bell (since I used to be nicknamed Tinker in her honor. . . . at least that's what they tell me anyway).

Here is me wearing one of Mommy's T-shirts over my nice and pretty dress (so I won't ruin it with icing) after devouring part of my cake. As you can see, the sugar has gotten to me and I am in a euforic state.

This was nothing compared to when I was opening presents. Boy oh boy was that all fun. But I will post some of those pictures later. This last one is me on my actual birthday out for dinner with the Gwanny and Papa. We went to a local Mexican food place and had a blast. Mommy and Daddy were at church teaching bible stories to 3 - 6 year olds so they missed out on the fun here, but I guess they had some fun of their own. I had to wear the sombrero to get my fried icecream and have the birthday song sung to me in Spanish, but it was worth it. As you can see, I have 8 teeth now to really tear up some grown up food. Love the real food!

. . . . . . .

uh, blogger is not cooperating and won't let me put up that picture. I'll try again in a minute. bear with me.

Alright, I tricked blogger. So you can obviously see I have a little bit of a mischevious streak in me. I get that from my Daddy. . . . so I guess it it a big mischevious streak, but who cares. I'm happy with it. Everyone else is in for trouble, but that is what makes it fun. Watch out, Tiny Tornado is on the loose. hahahahahahahaha!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

These boots were made for walking. . . . if I had boots.

Hello all. I know it has been another month, but I have been busy walking all over the place. Yes, I am 11 months old and I'm scrambling all over the place. You can see a video of me doing my thing here

Not the best quality video, but I am working on my editing skills. Subsequent videos will be of a Spielberg-esque quality, just with fewer graphics.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Ok, so I've been busy. But now I'm not.

Sorry I have been away for so long. A month in the life of a ten month old is a long time. . . well, a tenth of my whole life. How long is it for you, no wiseguy comments like "a month". Percentages people, percentages!
Anyway, here are some newish pictures. This is a professional shot that my Papa (grandfather) really liked so here you go. I think the yellow washes me out a little, but I have a tan now from my latest trip to the beach (post and pics to soon follow) so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Here is me being a daredevil and not wearing the proper safety equipment for this stunt. It is hard to find a motorcycle helmet in infant sizes. This 4-wheeler thing really flies. I think we had it up to almsot three miles and hour. Maybe even 4. Slow down turbo! The fellow driving me around is my future Aunt's Uncle and it was at my Uncle's birthday bash. Yes, we are sometimes a little red around the neck area, but we are all good people. And suprisingly enough, not as backwards as you may think.

I also like to play a lot so I often sneak up on Mommy or Daddy and try to scare them. I am doing my best lions roar here. It is pretty good, a little high pitched though. I'll work on it.

Here is a pro shot of the family. Mommy, Daddy and me all smiling for the camera. We got copies in B&W because it looked cool and no washout. I like it.

I'll get more pics up soon, the digital camera broke so we are in the process of getting it repaired/replaced and the dusty old 35mm takes a little time to get converted to cd.

Friday, June 09, 2006

More beach photos as promised

Well, I know I said I would get to this a lot sooner than I did, but better late than never. Here are some more beach photos for those of you who are stuck inland. Doesn't the gulf coast have some fantastically beautiful beaches?!
Here I am with Mommy and Daddy, don't tell - they didn't want me to post the pasty white no tan photos.

Here is me exploring the beach. I found a few shells and some seaweed (which Mommy and/or Daddy quickly prevented me from sticking in my mouth (party poopers!).

Daddy also took a picture of me from his angle, I figured I'd post it too (not the most flattering, but maybe it will make up for the aforementioned pasty photo)

You should always have some tasty seafood fresh from the ocean when you visit the beach. Saddly enough, for me that is not an option yet. No seafood until I am a little older (allergy concerns and such). But I should get to chow down next summer. As it is, I get to have my veggies and meats pureed to the consistency of applesauce. MMMMMMMMMMMM good. Better than a Steak and Cheese Panini . Anyway, here is me in my fancy dancy travel high chair

There are tons of other photos and such, but I will save some for the next trip or for when I have nothing fun to talk about. Hope the wind is in your sails and the sun is at your back. Or as the sailor saying goes, fair winds and following seas.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, , , , they catch a 14 foot shark!

Well, I have returned from the beach without a shark bite (yea me). Was that an awesome weekend or what? Oh yeah, you weren't there. . . . well I'll tell you all about it and you can live vicariously through me. Not that you'd want the exciting life of a nine month old, but seeing everything for the 1st time is cool so you might. Any way, I am getting way to far off the track, apparently a vacation lingers on a while after you get back and puts the next couple of days in the pot as well. Now I know.

Here is a picture of me on the 1st day. I am in my blue 1 piece and as you can see, I am not too sure about the whole surf roaring, sunny brightness stuff yet. But I warmed up to it pretty soon and played some. I was still tired from the trip down so most of my time was spent like this picture below. . . .

Yes, there is nothing like a nap on the beach. Cool breeze, surf pounding (I got used to it, it's kinda like being in the womb so I had a sense of nostalgia) and a nice comfy blanket to lie on. Gooooooooood sleep I tell you!

Here I am trying out my future modelling carreer with some dressy beach attire. I know it is not Victoria Secret's or anything, but I am a little young for that kinda photo shoot anyway. I just wanted to practice my posing and see how dressy you can go on the beach. I guess I was dressed for a regatta gala. . . . ok, maybe I watched 1 too many episodes of Friends in syndication for my own good, but I thought it was funny. And just so you don't think it was all glamour shots and party, here is a picture of me on day 2 when I really got into the beach crawling, literally.
Oh yeah, I love me some beach time. Not as tasty as you might think at first glance. Actually, not a pleasant taste at all. I never knew that sand could get in some places. I got sand in places that I didn't even know I had. Needless to say, the beach does have bad points. But not so bad that I am not ready to go back at the end of June. Maybe the water will be warm enough to actually go swimming. I'll post some more pictures after the holiday weekend. Party party party gal me!
Oh, some one caught a 14 foot Hammerhead shark in Florida last week, but it was a couple of hundred miles away so no biggie.