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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A star is born. . . . or fades. We'll see.

This is a picture that entered me into a "Cover Model Search" for Baby Talk magazine. Basically, if you have or are a cute baby (I guess the old axiom about being so ugly it's cute would apply too) and want to start their/your career as a model then you can enter next year because the entry date is past. Look, I may be 8 months old but I know it is a cut-throat business so I didn't tell you before now. Increases my chances of being in the top 6. I know that there are probably better pictures I could have used, but it had to be a non-professional picture, taken within 30 days of submittal, and all of the other pictures in the magazine were of babies doing something cute so I went with this one. Wish me luck!
The top 6 go to New York City (3-days) for a photo shoot. The winner gets to be on the cover of Baby Talk magazine, a 3 minute (up to $5000) shopping spree at Babies R Us, and gets to be on Good Morning America (if the TV time permits). The runner up and semi-finalist prizes aren't too shabby either. So, I will let you know if I am destined to be a famous baby. You know the Gerber baby did pretty well for herself. . . . Think Dr. Quinn Medicine woman. Oh yea, famous, rich, cool, happily married and pretty. Sounds like the career path I want. Maybe we could start an e-mail campaign and make sure I'm the winner. I have some blogger buddies in N.Y. that it would be cool to meet.


At 4:43 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

good luck lil'bitty! i do hope you win. and not only because i have always had a supermarket sweep fantasy, so the three minute babies r' us shopping spree sounds like a dream come true. but, also because babies r' us in NYC is right around the corner from me, here in union square! yay! good luck!

At 4:29 AM, Blogger Amber said...

You'd be totally culturally advanced for your age if you won!! I never went to NY until I was 25. Good luck!!

At 6:10 AM, Blogger lil'bitty said...

Amanda Thanks for the hope. Shopping sprees are so cool. Now I have to place in the top three to get a shopping spree. 1st = 3 min, 2nd = 2 min and 3rd = 1 min. I wonder if I can have someone help me. . . . I don't move fast enough crawling to gather much loot.
Amber I am going to the beach in a couple of weeks too. Not so cultural, but travel is always good. Thanks for the luck!

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Nikky Egland said...

YOU GO!!! You totally will win, girl! What a cute picture!

At 10:17 PM, Blogger mom&dad said...

Hey Lil'Bitty.
I have several posts that I would like to comment on.
1)I believe you can upload any video onto and then embed (spelling?) it on your blog. I have put several videos on mine lately but have yet to upload any of my own.
2) That is one SWEET marmot you got there. I can't seem to remember the Lebowski quote at this hour but it was funny either way. Ask your dad about it, maybe one day he will let you watch.
3) Jim Gaffigan said it best about Hot Pockets, and I quote,(in sing-song jingle voice)"Diarreah Pocket". Food should not need to wear sleeves, period.
4) Good luck on the Baby photo contest. Let me know how it goes because I have laughed out loud at folks who tell me to enter Luke. I think he looks too much like me to be cute.
5) Let your dad know that Blake is going to be working with me at Vulcan Materials this summer.
I promise to check in more often so that my comments won't be so long winded.


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